Proud to be a C…

Proud to be a CHRISTian!!!FATHER GOD here I am willing to offer my whole life to you…mold me, use me send me and I’ll obey for  I know that whatever happens you will just be there to back me up. I know I’m not that good, cant even stand and talk in front of the crowd but I know you’ll make a way for me!

I was born on January 23, 1986 in Naguilian, La Union. My parents are Alfredo Soriano Acosta and Ma. Mercy Deada Ribo.We are 5 in the family and I’m the eldest, our second is Mark Almer, who died when he was 7 years old, our 3rd  is Stephen Julius ,then Denn Diover and our youngest is Ma.Krishna Joy. Being the eldest is not that easy..naging instant tatay at nanay kasi ako ng mag-abroad father namin at umalis mother namin. I  was only 7 that time when my mother left us sa house ng mga beloved grandparents namin sa fatherside…I’ve been through alot of hardships and heartaches at my very young age rin because of the absence of my parents…but thanks to those challenges which molded me to become a better person..a stronger one because of GOD..for almost 15 years we’ve waited for my mother to come home but she didn’t…she didn’t even attend my brother’s burial…and it really hurts..buti na lang nung time na yun nakauwi naman father namin from Saudi..from 1993 to 2008 wala talaga kaming communication sa mama ko but thanks to FATHER GOD who really makes all things possible..though my ibang family na mama ko now and my father is may iba na rin its okay I know its part of GOD’s plan for all of us …
I’m just but a simple,weird,moody…strict but loving and understanding ate…seryoso sa buhay pero kahit papano marunong namang tumawa…I always dream of becoming a lawyer…kaya kumuha ako ng AB Political Science…I’m hoping na matupad yun through GOD’s grace..but then sa ngayon I need to work hard muna for my family…I have to focus on my career to earn a living… that’s the reason kung bakit hanggang ngayon wala pa sa isip ko ang pag-ibig..I do believe na may tamang panahon para dyan…true love waits ika nga nila…career, family and GOD first…si Daddy GOD na bahala kung kailan nya ipapakilala sa kin ang prince ko…I am a princess not only by choice but by inheritance cause I’m a daughter of the KING…and I’m proud of it..pero pagdating ng tamang panahon at wala pa rin or wala talaga si Mr.Right…its okay…maybe I’m really destined to remain single for the rest of my life…or maybe yun na yung calling ko…I really want to serve GOD for the rest of my life…FATHER GOD mold me, use me, send me…I’m willing to follow you…YOU know me and you know my heart…”,)-Snowhite

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Language & Literacy Development of Children & Adolescents

In the Philippines, people will regard you smart if you can speak the so called “universal language” fluently. If you know how to communicate using at least two or more foreign languages then you are even smarter.

In the corporate world and even in the political arena and in our everyday living we see lots of those proofs that attest to the claim above. If you apply for a job no matter the position is you need speak English during the interview just to sound smart. In a meeting or any business gathering you have to talk in English so you can impress your clients. In a beauty pageant the more well verse you are in English the more that you’ll get the attention of the audience especially the judges. If you are a government official and you’re good in English you’ll definitely earn the trust of your fellowmen even if most of the time they’re not understanding what you’re saying. It really follows that if you’re good in English you are smart.  Everybody will really look up to you especially if you do it with all the accent, proper intonation, diction, confidence and conviction. It’s like an added extraordinary charisma or potion that draws people.

I have had encountered a lot of people who are really well verse in English. Most of them really have good backgrounds. Some are born to a well off family who has the ability to provide all the resources to their child. They can have all the helpful books and other materials and can even hire private tutors. Five years ago I was assigned to handle the English lesson of a 5 year old kid named “Joshua”. He is the nephew of the owner and manager of the tutorial center where I work as a part – time tutor. During our first meeting I was very excited because I love kids. Joshua was very quiet that time probably because he just woke up from an afternoon nap.  After a few more minutes he transformed from a “very quiet sheep to a roaring lion” and so I was shocked. He became very talkative and bubbly.  He started talking about his favorite cartoon characters and favorite TV shows. He tried to imitate batman, spider man and other super heroes. He also told me about his daily activities and some people he met.  I was literally nose bleeding that time. I didn’t know how to respond because he speaks English better than me. It was my first time to encounter a 5 year old Filipino kid speaking that way because I’m used to those kids in the province who are bubbly but speak in the vernacular. After a few more minutes he grabbed a book and told me what the book is all about. I thought he already know how to read so I asked him to read some part of the book but I found out that he’s just basing his story to the pictures in the book. But when he turned 6 he’s already a good reader and can even memorize all the details of the story he’s reading. Joshua is 10 now and is already in grade 5. He’s always the representative of their class whenever there’s a contest in reading and he always receives an award every end of the school year. I can say that he’s really well groomed and well trained. He has a very good foundation in learning.

Now let me also tell you about my classmate in high school named “Rochelle”, who I think is “Shakespeare’s successor”. I have lots of great classmates in high school but I just opted to share about her because she’s the editorial in chief of our school organ when we’re in 4th year.  She is a born writer. I remember summer of second year high school when she started writing a “romance novel” type written in a “pocket book” format. She was able to come up with 2 or 3 books before we graduated in high school. Everybody got the chance to read her novel and we all find it amazing. We even convinced her to send it to a publication. What I know is even when she’s still in elementary she’s already writing. I also remember she always keep a journal in her. She followed a different path in college though and now a nurse abroad.


Let me also mention about my encounter with some of our students in the Sunday school. Let me introduce to you “Lucas” a 6 year old kid and his sister “Noah”, 5 year old cute little girl who were born and raised somewhere in the US.  We also have “Jervis” who has a “Harry Potter like” accent I’m not sure if he’s from Canada or Australia and a 7 year old girl, I forgot her name I just met 2 Sundays ago who is from China. I have a uniform experience with them during our first meeting. I had a hard time hearing and understanding them at first. They speak English but have strange accents.  Our Sunday class is now a mixture of local and international students. Some speak “Kapampangan”, some are Tagalog and some are English. As a teacher, we then need to be very flexible. We have to learn how to adjust with them to make sure that everybody is understanding the lesson. We have to speak in “Taglish” during the class and check with them every now and then if they’re still getting what we are saying.

Now allow me to take you back in time and bring you to a not so far away land where we can find one of my subjects for this piece. I am very familiar with her story. I know it by heart unlike those stories I cited above.  I find her story not that extraordinary nor unique but interesting.

I have known her since the beginning. She was not my classmate nor my student but someone very close to my heart. She was born and raised up to a “not so well off” yet “not so poor family where it’s a taboo and a big “no no” to speak a different language or dialect. Her “oldies” specifically her “grandpa and granny” will get mad and will surely scold them if they hear them speak Tagalog or English. For them the only people allowed to use those languages are the rich and high class one. Her grandparents are not illiterate though. They know how to read, write and count. Her grandfather was a vocational graduate and her grandmother somehow was able to finish her 3rd or 4th grade in elementary but did not get the chance to continue her studies because of the world war. Probably they just have the perception that it’s awkward and inappropriate to use those languages at home because it’s too formal and they’re not use to it.

Now let me tell you about their son, the father of our lead character and a genuine “Ilocano” who went to Manila after his graduation in college to hunt for a job. There he met the lead character’s mother who is from the south and a native “Bisaya” who was also in that place to seek for a job after finishing her studies. They became good friends and eventually fell in love with each other until they decided to get married. They’re supposed to be staying in Manila but due to some unexpected circumstances they decided to move back to her father’s hometown. They were okay at first though language barrier between her mother and her in – laws was a major concern. She was determined to learn the dialect though and after few months she was able to do so. She was not that fluent yet but at least was able to talk and understand a bit.

After less than a year the couple was blessed with a baby girl who is our “subject”. Her mother used to sing and play lullabies and native Bisaya songs like the classic “Matudnila” while she’s still at her womb and up until this time she is still familiar with those songs even though she’s not hearing them anymore.

When she came out of this world everybody was excited and were overwhelmed because she’s the first grandchildren. Everybody wanted to be her “nanny”. Her uncles, aunts and even some neighbors and friends were very fond of her. She’s like an angel to everyone. Everybody loves her. She always smiles and seldom cries. She will just burst out if she feels discomfort like when she’s hungry, she feels hot, cold or uneasy.

Aside from taking her first steps, the most exciting part of her growth and development is when she started mumbling words. Though her “mumbles” were still hard to understand everybody was already cheering because she’s already showing signs that in few more weeks she will be able to talk and true enough before her first birthday she was able to utter “ma, pa, ya, yo, ti, kel” with clarity. Like with the other kids those are just few of her first words.

If you have babies at home notice that they can only contain syllable per syllable and as per Dr. Sicam it is because they still don’t have the ability to grasp everything but at least they are keen enough to eventually learn it in time. We just have to be very patient and supportive. The best way to teach and train them is to talk to them properly and not to “baby talk” them.  Most of the time we are guilty of this. We baby talk them just to show that we understand them but it should not be the case because they’ll just get used to it and they’ll just thought that it’s okay to speak that way where in fact it’s not. Others claim that they will learn to speak properly in time and for the meantime while they’re still young it’s okay to have that way. But we should be reminded that the right time to teach them the proper way is while they’re still young. It’s easier to build a foundation than to rebuild and reconstruct it when they’re old.

The grandparents of our lead character used to “baby talk” her before but good thing she wasn’t affected and became much wittier and bubblier when she turned 2. She loves talking to people asking simple to complicated and sometimes out of this world questions. Why things are like that and like this. What’s this and what’s that.

Just recently I met a very interesting kid as well. I thought he’s already 5 or 6 years old not because he’s big or he looks like one because he’s really not but because he’s very smart. He speaks clearly. He’s very talkative. He told us about his toys and gadgets. He mentioned things like “cellphone, ipad, and computer games “I asked him his name and he smartly answered “Franky”. I asked him how old is he then he said “2 years old” and so I was shocked. Imagine a 2 year old kid talking and acting like a teenager.  He also asked a lot and so we patiently responded to all of his questions.

Our 3 year old and one and only niece is also like that. She asks a lot of questions. She sometimes can be very irritating because of her “kakulitan” but we need to understand that they’re still in their discovery stage. Just be more patient and understanding. We need to acknowledge their questions and make sure to provide reliable answers. We have to remember that we are building a “foundation” and we shouldn’t be misleading them. I also remember when I was a kid, I asked my “oldies” where is heaven and they pointed at the clouds above and so I started thinking heaven is up there only to find out when I’m already in my teenage that the one they are pointing at are just gases floating in the air. Though that is not very serious misleading information.

Let’s get back to our main character. When she turned 3 she became more talkative. Whenever she sees someone passes by their house she immediately approaches him /her and asks where he / she is going. She loves telling stories as well. She always talks about her toys, her playmates, TV shows she watched and the like. She has the so called “photographic memory”, can easily comprehend and is very observant. If there are visitors at home she was also the one entertaining them.

She was 4 when she attended a preparatory class and was one of the best during those days. She was 5 when she learned how to write her complete name, count one to one hundred and sing ABCs and other nursery rhymes. She was really advance though did not qualify for grade 1 the following school year because she is underage.

At home they strictly follow the “Ilocano Only Policy” because of her grandparents but in the school she also learned the other 2 basic languages and also became good at those.  When she’s in grade 5 she was asked to represent their school to the editorial writing competition during the Annual English Festival and when she’s in grade 6  she carried the banner of the school to the oratorical competition.

During their high school years they have this so called “English Only Policy” which they strictly observe inside the classroom and at the corridor but it was never a struggle on the part of our lead though the only time she can practice English is whenever she’s in the school. She even became one of the news reporters and columnists of their school organ throughout her high school years.

When she’s in college there was a time when their teacher in Literature ask her to read an Ilocano piece and her classmates were amazed because she was able to read the text properly and was never tongue tied unlike the others. She’s also a born poet and had composed Ilocano and Tagalog poems during her teenage days.

Spanish and Mandarin are some of their elective subjects in college and she also didn’t have a hard time learning those. She even received an excellent grades in both subjects.

After college never did she imagine that she’ll be working in a place where people speak a different language. Her bubbliness and talkativeness disappeared. She can’t converse properly because she’s not understanding the people. There were times that everybody was busy chit chatting at work and she just remain silent. It’s really hard to communicate if people around you use a strange language. That’s why sometimes we need to be very sensitive. If someone who doesn’t speak the language is around then have the nerve to use a language that everybody understands. After few years though of staying in that place our lead character learn “not that much” and appreciate that newly found “lingo”.

Our lead is now an English tutor handling international students like Indonesian, Arab, Chinese, Korean and Japanese and taking chances to learn their languages. One of her goals now is to learn at least 10 foreign languages.

When she’s in elementary the only place she knew is their small barangay and the only language she spoke is Ilocano. When she attended high school and college her world grow a bit from and became a town and a province respectively where she was exposed to different languages. She’s a half Bisaya half Ilocano. She’s well versed in Ilocano but never get the chance to learn Bisaya instead she learn other languages.  She’s not from a well off family nor born abroad, probably inherited some from her parents but it’s more of the upbringing and the willingness to learn. She was raised up in a “strict Ilocano only” society but when she was given a chance to explore outside that world she maximized it and learn more.

Those are just some of the few encounters I had. Their stories truly inspire me and make me more excited to enter the teaching profession though I know that I will not only meet smart learners like them. I’m already anticipating that I will also encounter learners with special cases and I’m already preparing myself for that because it is part of my responsibility as a teacher. I strongly believe that we, teachers can be an effective catalyst to the growth and development of each and every child. We can make a difference and let’s try to make a difference in the lives of every students we will encounter. We can do it! We just have to hold on tight to our vows and be the best teacher any students could ever have!

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Physical and Motor Development of Children and Adolescent

Let me take you back in time when a baby girl was born to a young couple. The young couple was very grateful with their first child. Their family and friends and all the people around them were cheering with them. Everybody was amazed of the young little girl. To them she’s like a winged seraph from heaven.

The young little girl has a very fair skin as white as the snow and a red cheek as red as the apple. She is like Snow White. Some said she has that kind of complexion because her mother used to eat apples dipped in a fish sauce when’s she’s pregnant with her. But of course those are just myths and speculations and it doesn’t really have any scientific basis. The reality is even her mother has a fair skin and a rosy cheek which she got also from her parents who have Spanish origins. The young baby is a complete carbon copy of her mother.

The baby became the apple of the eye of the whole clan. She became their unconscious clown. Like that of other babies she also never failed to make them smile.

Everybody witnessed her growth and development. She was 6 months old when she started to sit alone and tried to stand on her own. Since her parents were very supportive she was able to take her first step before her first birthday. When she learned to walk she became more active and started jumping, climbing, running all around the house and playing all day long.

Months later she started uttering few basic words like “pa, ma, yoyo, yoya”.  She was very talkative and asked a lot of out of this world questions. She loves talking to people and even to strangers. She’s always the darling of the crowd.

Years later she had 3 more brothers and a sister. Since she’s the eldest even at a young age she understood the role of being an older sister and a leader and that she’s always responsible for her siblings.

She attended school at the age of 4. Quite ironic that a kid like her who loves the crowd and was very bubbly at home didn’t want to be left alone inside the class. Her father was always with her inside the classroom. If she cannot see him she will burst out and won’t be attending the class anymore. She’s okay at home but a bit shy and intimidated inside the classroom.  She’s a fast learner though. At the age of 4 she’s already well verse with the ABCD song, can already count one to one hundred, able to comprehend and easily follow instructions.

When she’s in kindergarten she became more timid and shy. She was the youngest in the class but definitely not the smallest instead one of the tallest. Her classmates were always against her especially the boys. They treated her very differently. They love bullying her and making fun of her.  At first she remained quiet but eventually learned to fight back. It’s when she learned to throw them everything that her hands can grasp when she’s mad because of their bullies. It’s when she learned to hit them as well.

Though one of the smartest, one of the first to learn to write her name, count numbers and sing ABCs still she didn’t get the sympathy of her classmates.  This made her lost her self confidence.

When she was six years old she was encouraged by her mother to join the dance number of their school for their upcoming town fiesta but somebody commented that she cannot dance because her legs are both left. She still tried but got disappointed when she really cannot follow the dance steps and because of that she never tried dancing anymore.  There was also a time when she’s about to render a song number for one of the occasions in their small village. While on stage she imagined people laughing and mocking at her. She stammered while singing, she felt embarrassed and instead of finishing the song she walked down the stage, ran to her aunt and cried.  Because of that she let herself believe that she’s neither a good singer nor a good dancer.

At home she’s full of confidence, energy and enthusiasm. Everybody appreciates her, everybody loves her, everybody believes in her but in the school it’s the other way around. The very talkative and smart kid at home was a very quiet and shy type one inside the class though still one of the best.

Since she’s good in News Writing and in Science she was chosen to be the school representative for the 5th grade level to the News Writing completion during their English Festival and to the Science Quiz Bee during their Science Month but sad to say that she failed to bring home the bacon unlike the other representative of their school. Her classmates called her loser.

Second rated, crying baby, weakling, and loser those were her titles when she’s in elementary. Second rated because she’s always the second honor and never did she become the first. Crying baby and weakling because she easily cries, she easily blushes then loser because she’s the only loser in the team during the per year level news writing competition and science quiz bee.

When she’s in grade 6 the school run out of representative for the oratorical competition. Just to have someone who can represent the school to that contest her adviser asked her and their valedictorian to memorize an oratorical piece written in a 3 pages of yellow paper back to back and she made it in a span of two days compare to their valedictorian who had a hard time memorizing the piece and surrendered when he learned that she’s done memorizing. Their adviser discovered that she has a very good memory.  

During the competition she was not really excited but somehow praying not to be the last placer again. She was just there to represent the school but no longer motivated to win. All she wanted is to do what is expected of her and go home. She went on stage trying to regain all the confidence she has. She was a bit nervous but tried to counter it act. She did not look at the viewers but instead focused her eyes on her adviser slash coach who was very supportive of her and has a strong belief in her. She was able to finish the piece and was amazed of the loud applause she heard from the crowd. During the awarding she’s no longer expecting her name to be called since she’s already used to it. She knew already that it will be another record of failure but she was surprised when she was announced the first placer. She cannot believe it and so she cried  She was shocked yet overjoyed especially when her grade 5 adviser the only teacher who did not show her support on her, who didn’t believe in her capabilities tap her back and congratulate her. With just that simple gesture of that teacher she’s able to gain back all the confidence and courage she lost years ago. Because of that victory she’s able to win back the trust of her classmates.  At the end of that school year she graduated as the class salutatorian.

Saying goodbye to childhood and hello to adolescence was also a struggle in her part. She was a bit boyish but not a lesbian when she was in elementary just to show her classmates that she’s strong. It was actually her defense mechanism. She’s glad she’s the tallest in the class it served as a powerful weapon against those bullies. 

When she reached 12 she started noticing some differences in her body which she’s familiar with because that’s what they learned from their Science subject when they’re in grade 5. She was not actually surprised about those changes but didn’t want to experience it yet. She’s not yet ready to leave childhood.

One of her most unforgettable experiences was when she had her first monthly period. That one was full of bloopers. She’s very naive and even cried because she never anticipated it. Good thing the whole family was very supportive. That was like more than a week bed rest for her because of dysmenorrhea.

During her first year in high school she’s not yet that conscious she’s still like a kid but when she saw her friends dressing up and they were very particular with how they look like that’s when she also started grooming herself. She became more conscious when she started having crushes.

As everybody says high school is the most exciting part. It’s when an individual explore and discover things on her own. It’s also the most critical part. It’s when they need more support, guidance and understanding from their family because it’s when they battle between being a kid and being an adult.   

She was just an ordinary student during her high school years. She had crushes but still prioritize her studies. She enjoyed high school because she was surrounded by intellectual people which eventually became her good friends. They have one thing in common that is having an extraordinary passion for learning. She enjoyed being with them because they believe in her and her capabilities. They brought back the best in her. Some of her classmates even believe that she will be a good lawyer someday because she’s strong and cannot be easily bent. If she knows that she’s right she will definitely fight for it until the end even if it means fighting the battle alone. Her classmates were the one who influenced her to get the pre – law course in college.

The story continues when she’s in college. She went to a university and met people of different personalities, backgrounds and stories but eventually became her good friends as well. They enjoyed being together because they share the same goal it’s to finish college with flying colors and land to a job that contributes to their growth sounds idealistic but true.

Whatever bad experiences she had when she’s in elementary vanished when she entered high school and college. She was never bullied and her school became an extension of their home where she’s always the “lead character”.  True enough she finish college though not with “laude” but at least with excellent grades that made her one of the service excellence awardees during their recognition day.

She’s not yet a lawyer and probably not anymore because she discovered that she will be more effective if she will be an educator since it’s actually her first love and ultimate passion.

Her story might be different from other stories that you know or different from your own story. Hers maybe was just a smooth sailing one nothing extra special but I opted to reflect on this probably because she’s very close to my heart and maybe because it was like a princess’ story. She may just be good for nothing in the eyes of her classmates in elementary but an extra special one in the eyes of those people who loved I was just amazed with how she conquered rejections and bullies when she’s in elementary knowing that she’s loved and fully accepted at home. To add more spice to this story I’ve also learned that her mortal enemies in elementary already made peace with her and started to befriend her. This side of the story is a bit funny. That’s what they call “baby war or kiddie fight”. It was probably a very serious fight when they’re young but when they grow old they have forgotten everything and if they’ll be reminded of it they’ll just laugh at it.

Growing is like journeying in a tough and bumpy crossroads. It’s never easy. Adults like us play a very vital role in the lives of our youngsters. If you have one at home then take part. If you are a parent greater are your responsibilities.

Now that we are about to enter a new season in our lives we need to be ready. In few weeks now we’ll finish our CPTE course in few months we’ll take our licensure examination and a little few more months we’ll be full pledged teachers. Once we become teachers we’ll meet more souls. We will have students who have different stories. If you’ll handle preschoolers be aware that you’re building the foundation and that foundation should be strong and firm enough so they will not be easily swayed once they grow old. If you’ll handle elementary you ought to continue the foundation. If you’ll be assigned to the teenagers be excited because you’re responsible of grooming them to be responsible adults.

No matter who your students are be prepared and take heart! As a teacher you need to feel their heartbeats and listen closely to their hearts. It’s not your students who will adjust to you but it should be you who will adjust to them. Keep in mind that each of them is unique. You need not to compare instead understand.

As you enter this so called vocation be very dedicated and try to make a difference in the lives of your students like that of the video shown by one of the reporters of module 3. It’s a story of a teacher named Ms. Thompson who was about to give up her career as a teacher because she seemed cannot figure things out and thought she’s not effective. But she learned her greatest lesson from a student later did she realized that she as well made a great impact in the life of that student who was hopeless before but when touched by Ms. Thompson everything changed. Like her we also play a vital role in shaping the leaders of the next generation. Remember we might handle the next business tycoon, the next international model, the next international artist, the next Ms. Universe, the next mayor, senator or maybe the next president of the republic so take heart!

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The Child and Adolescent Learner

Imagine yourself walking along the street early in the morning. It’s a very beautiful day and seems that everything is okay, birds are singing, flowers are dancing, everybody is cheering. It’s a great day and an almost perfect day! You’re on your way and very excited to go to work when suddenly, a 4 and 5 year old kid wearing rugged dresses approach you begging for a single penny so they can buy something to eat. When you reach the bus terminal another kid approaches you this time begging for any help because his father or mother is sick. After a few minutes while waiting for your shuttle service a group of teenagers in their school uniforms pass by. They look normal until one of them lighted a stick of cigarette and share it to the other members of the group. Not so far away from where you’re standing are group of youngsters probably approaching teenage. They are happily running and playing around the terminal when you notice a strange thing in their hands, a bottle of rugby.

At work, after a busy day some of your workmates invited you to have some snack at Mac Donald’s. Even if it’s not yet pay day for the sake of friendship you went with them. At Mac Donald’s you ordered the cheapest burger with a drinks. While waiting for your order a pair of young couple at the corner caught your attention. They’re very showy and very sweet to each other. It’s like they are the only people in the world to think that they are in a public place wearing their high school uniforms. After a few more minutes your order arrived and when you’re about to take a bite of your yummy burger a kid knocks at the transparent wall of the store begging for your leftover.

Then, one Saturday morning while you’re on your way to school you met a kid wearing a lousy shirt and pants full of dirt sitting at the stairs of the LRT station with her younger sibling crying and holding her tummy. They have not eaten anything for the past few days. They are holding an untidy small can and begging for any help.

After the class you and your friends decided to go to your favorite hang out just to have a small talk. While at the park, sitting on a bench, marveling at the sceneries a group of 4 to 5 kids come near you selling some candies, mangoes, peanuts and chips. Each of them is trying to convince you to buy something from them so they can have something to remit to their parents.

Since it is still early you decided to drop by at the nearest computer shop to research for your reports and assignments in school. The noise inside the shop is really irritating. Somebody is cursing, others are shouting, screaming and cheering. Then soon you’ll notice majority of the customers are kids hooked and addicted to computer games.

After a very tiring day you’ll go home, open your television just to be entertained only to find out the headline news about a young girl who was raped and killed by her own father, or uncle, or grandfather or a family friend. You switched channels and there it goes another heart – breaking news about an infant left by someone in the trashcan.  

The world has been so harsh to those kids.   Every day is like a battle for them. Those scenarios really break my heart. I hope I can do something to help them. I wish I can be a hero so I can take away their burdens.

Kids are helpless. They still need someone to guide, support and protect them. They still don’t know what they’re doing. They are still innocent and very fragile. They should not be in the street or somewhere else begging for pennies. They should not be the one working for their parents. They should not be the one sacrificing for the whole family.

In the first place God did not create them for that purpose. They are created to be loved and cared for. It is just so sad to hear that a lot of cases like I mentioned above are very rampant in our society. Who then are at fault?

As an adult it should be our duty to look over those kids, to take care of them and make sure that they are always safe and okay. I just can’t understand why things like child begging for pennies, child laboring for the family, child being abused, child addicted to something are very rampant nowadays. I was also questioning their parents how can this be happening. How can they allow their child to go and beg for pennies in the street or labor for their own sake? Even animals I believe don’t allow their youngsters to work for them because they know that as parents it is their responsibility to take good care of their babies and to provide for their needs.

While writing this piece I remember the 2 kids whom I have met few weeks ago at the Sunday school. The young boy is 9 years old and his sister is 7 years old. They are new so they caught my attention. After the class I got the chance to talk to them and hear their stories. At first you won’t really notice that they are into something but once you get the chance to listen to them and ask about themselves and their family they will boldly share their hardships. The young boy is the bread winner of the family. He goes to school in the morning and works in the afternoon until 11:00 pm. He works for 8 hours. He has day offs too and receives below minimum wage salary. I didn’t realize that a 9 year old kid can be very responsible like that and I didn’t know that working on a regular basis for a 9 year old kid is permissible. I even asked if that is with the permission of his parents and he boldly answers “yes”.  I know that a kid can work provided that he has a parental consent like young stars we see on the television but not a kid working for someone on a regular basis like what adults do.

With that story I realized kids are really very innocent and gullible. They still don’t know how to fight for their rights. They still don’t know when to say “yes” or “no” to the world.  

The “Resilient Team” or Team 2 defined “children or kids” as the jewels of our society and I strongly support their claim. They really are and they are far more precious than any gemstones.  But how come that we are not treasuring those jewels instead we are treating them as ordinary stones with no value at all.

Kids never fail to make us smile. According to many they have that extraordinary power and charisma that can melt someone’s heart too. I myself had proven that many times. Growing up with kids is really an amazing experience. There were a lot of times when I can no longer hold my temper because of the hard headedness of my siblings but whenever I see them crying my heart melts.

I also remember when we were still in elementary and in high school I, my sibling and cousins were really extreme when we’re together. We were really noisy to the point of irritating our “oldies” at home. There were no days that we we’re not scolded because of the “noise pollution” we’re creating. Our grandparents’ home is our playground and everyday is like a party.

When we’re already in college we only go home once a week. The house is quiet during weekdays but chaos comes during weekends. Now everybody is away and is now working in different places and comes home once in a blue moon. Whenever we’re together it’s like we have not seen each other for a century. We also notice our grandparents are not getting mad with our loudness anymore not only because we’re already adults but it’s like they’re also missing us especially our laughter and loud voices. They always look forward to our visit. I just realized though we always irritate our oldies at home before I believe it’s just their façade because we know that we are loved and everything that we do brings joy in their heart.

 Good thing they have their “new angel” now, our first and only niece whom we actually named “Faith Angelie”, the baby girl who took our place and she’s still enjoying the “only baby” title of our grandparents for more than 3 years now. She is the apple of the eyes of everybody especially her great grandparents, grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles. Though irritating sometimes because of her talkativeness but she never fail to make us smile.

Notice a home with a kid or kids compare to a home without one. This made me remember about my own story when I was a kid. I, my siblings and cousins grew up in an environment where we are like the most important being in this planet.  We grew up with our lovable grandparents. We stayed in a house where we now termed as “our big house”. Everybody grew up there, my father and his 3 siblings and I, my 4 siblings and my 5 cousins and this time our one and only niece. It’s just so funny to recall that when we were kids we’re really loved and we’re a bit spoiled to our grandparents. Anything we ask anything we want is always automatic. I was considered the youngest child of my grandparents yet the eldest grandchild. I was very much loved. When I was born it’s like everything went right and everything fell on their proper places.

My father and mother’s story is a typical story of a boy meets girl but boy’s parents are against girl. They tried to live their own life a bit far from boy’s family but since they’re still young they opted to stay with boy’s parents first while earning for their own. Boy’s parents continued to dislike girl but when I came out into this world everything changed and I became my grandparents’ pet.

I still remember those unforgettable memories with them. Having coffee together at 4:00 AM was the best bonding we had with my grandfather when I was like 2, 3, 4, to 5 years old. He used to wake up early in the morning for his “flocks” (carabao, cows, goats, and chicken…tsk tsk tsk…). It was he whom I learned to dip a biscuit into the coffee and he whom I learned to get up before the sun rises. Where my grandmother is where you’ll find me. I was like a “baby guard” to her. For my grandparents I’m the most precious being in the planet that time more precious than my father and his siblings.

After a year my brother was born. He is like my twins. But since he’s younger he took my place and became the “new pet” of the family. After another year, another brother came and after another year another brother and cousin came then after another year another cousin came and after another year our youngest sister came and after few months another cousin was born after 6 years another cousin came and after another 6 years our youngest cousin was born. We all became “babies” of our grandparents. Though sometimes there were “conflicts” between our parents they still managed to reconcile and have peace talks all for the sake of us.

The reason why I’m sharing a bit of my story is to relate that a child really plays a big role in the lives of each adult around him / her. They are like angels who have the ability to lighten the mood and make everything alright with just one smile. I really enjoyed my childhood days. I enjoyed the attention of all the people around me being the apple of their eyes and an unconscious clown to them.

I was 1 year old when my brother came, 3 when another brother came, 4 when another brother came and 6 when our youngest sister came. It was just so funny to remember that at the age of 6 I became a mother, a teacher and not only an older sister to them.

I was 5 when my father went abroad and my mother went “away”. We were left at our grandparents’ house. My grandparents were also working so at a very young age, I learned to cook rice, fried and boiled something just to have something for my brothers and sisters to eat. I learned to fetch water just for them to have something to drink. I learned to wash clothes though not that perfect just to help out at home. I was the one feeding them when they’re hungry, the one beside them singing lullabies  when they cannot sleep, the one getting up early just to prepare their things for school, their hero when someone is bullying them.

I saw their first step especially our third, fourth and youngest. I heard their first word. I was their first teacher.  I was the one who taught them how to write their names, how to count numbers, sing ABCs and read “abakadas”.

It was a bit hard and challenging acting as a mother to 4 at 6 years old but GOD has been so gracious and here we are now all graduated in college with a degree and now having our own careers.  If not because of God’s greatness and amazing love and if He did not use our grandparents to love and care for us probably we’ll also be like those kids begging pennies in the street or laboring to live but GOD is really good in our lives despite of everything. Those experiences also made me of who I am now much stronger, determined and courageous.

As a young individual I cannot actually say that much about kids the only thing I can sight are the experiences I had with them. I cannot even brag that I have had enough of those experiences to be a good educator someday. I am still in the process of learning things and having this kind of subject dealing with kids who are our priority once be become educators is a great help.

Kids are very easy to please and are easily won. We just have to show them that we care for them, we value them, and we appreciate them. As an adult it should be our responsibility to protect and guide them. If I’ll be a teacher and will be assigned to handle small kids I’ll really be very careful because I believe I am one of those responsible in laying their foundation.

Train a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not turn from it. – Proverbs 22:6. That’s my personal take in dealing with our youngsters. We have to guide and direct them to the right path as early as now and should not wait until they are old. We should not be underestimating them. They know and they understand.

If and only all adults are responsible probably we can no longer see those kids in the street. It’s not enough that we give them food or money. What they really need is us. It may sound idealistic but if we will join together we can conquer those issues. As a future teacher we should be very sensitive. Remember that we are the second parents. Jesus loves the children. He entrusted them to us so we ought to act now to protect them and fight for their rights.

I believe the reason why I have this extraordinary passion for the kids is because of the genuine love I got and still getting from the people around me especially from my family who are my super fan. I’m blessed that I have a great childhood background not that perfect but it helps me a lot to be a better individual.

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Body Atlas: In the Womb (Movie Review)

We sometimes ask ourselves who am I? Where did I come from? How did I get here?  What am I doing here? Where am I going to? I don’t know if this is applicable to everybody but as for me I am and I am always asking those questions to myself though I already know the answer.  Those are basic questions we ask to determine our purpose in life.


I believe each of us has a purpose. We may not want to accept it but no one is created by accident. Everything is planned. We are fearfully and wonderfully made in the image and likeness of GOD. He is the potter and we are his clay.  We are in this world to fulfill a mission.


When I was a kid I just thought babies are made if mom and dad just sleep together, hold hands or kiss and that’s just it. But eventually I learned when I was already studying that “when two tiny cells called sperm and egg meet in a certain place called fallopian tube, life begins”. The next question to that is how do they meet? This is actually a bit sensitive topic but each of us should be open minded enough to understand it. We just have to remember that sex is beautiful, GOD created it for a purpose and that is for us to procreate. It is actually a gift but we need to be reminded again that this is only intended for husband and wife, for married individuals only and not for anyone else.


But anyway after a thorough discussion of “Understanding the Vital Concepts on Human Growth and Development” Dr. Sicam introduced us to a film which I can say excellent and highly recommended. It’s worth viewing. The producer, the director, the cast especially the lead characters I believe exerted too much effort for this one of a kind movie.


The movie started with a family, a man, woman and a baby but the lead characters are Zoe, her baby and Valerie, the pregnant woman (good thing I kept a not so readable note here and my memory is still serving me right I believe).


The narrator explained the visible changes we see in a baby from the time he / she was conceived in his / her mother’s womb until the day he / she was born and started growing. I cannot actually remember the exact scenario but the movie focused mainly on the growth and development of the baby in her mother’s womb.


While browsing the internet and checking some information about the movie and about human reproduction I came across a blog of a psychology student. His article stated that “Pregnancy is one of the greatest wonders of life” and I strongly agree with this student indeed a miracle that only God can do and GOD really made it very especially. He requires both man and woman’s partnership in the fulfillment of this wonders of life. No one in the history got pregnant alone with the exemption of course of Mother Mary who conceived though the power of the Holy Spirit. Even in our modern time we still look at pregnancy as a miracle. I personally look at it that way too because from two distinct individuals another life is created.


 The movie explained that the process of fertilization begins after the sperm cell of a man finally enters the egg cell of a woman. The woman undergoes physiological and psychological changes for the next nine months of her life. It also discussed the different stages the baby has to undergo inside his mother’s womb. I actually cannot remember the detail but as per the synopsis of the movie the baby starts to develop on the 3rd week, his heart beats and most organs develop. In less than a month the egg becomes an embryo. In 5th week, the umbilical cord functions. The brain of the fetus is 1/3 of his size. In the sixth week, the fingers and toes start forming. On the seventh week, first movement is undetectable and the baby weighs 1/3 oz. In the 8th week, the fetus is one inch long, the bone forms and begins to be like a human. The head is almost 1/2 of body’s length in the ninth week. Rudimentary spinal cord is formed.  No sign of consciousness. In the 14th week, the mother can feel the movement. Fetus swallows and excretes. Thumb sucking begins and indicating handedness. Fetus fills womb in 16th week. It receives food and eliminates waste through the umbilical cord to the placenta, which acts as its lungs, liver and digestive organs. In the 20th week, the heartbeat is twice the mother’s heartbeat and is delivering daily a few spoonfuls of blood. The mother is aware of its sleeping and waking times. In the 26th week, mother’s heart, kidneys, breathing, and skin are adapting. Baby can hear it and is light sensitive. In the 30th week, the baby is almost independent, has a good chance of survival, though still 2 months premature. In 35th-39th week, the baby’s muscle tone and brain develop. The mother gains 30 lbs. Baby turns head down. The most awaiting moment for a mother is the birth of the baby. The baby’s first cry starts its breathing and oxygen intake causes red blood cells to change its color from blue to pink. The baby is dependent until the umbilical cord has cut but after that they will become independent and will breathe on their own.


Sociological and biological aspects influenced the process of pregnancy making it evolved over time.


As a young and single individual, I admit that there are things in this world that I still cannot understand. Things that is too broad to grasp. Through this documentary I learned so many things about pregnancy and stuff. That makes me come to think of my mother when she’s still carrying me inside her. Though they said she easily gave birth but I believe she’s also in pain and uncomfortable before.  They said that one of the woman’s feet is in a grave when she’s pregnant because no one knows what is to happen to her during the process. That’s why I am forever indebted to my mother though we didn’t grow up with her I am still forever thankful for her life for risking her life for me and my sibling. It’s not easy to be a mom and it’s not even easier to be a loving and super sold out mom.


That movie is very educational in a way and though a bit shocking especially when it showed the actual giving birth. I was really shocked because it’s my first time to see a mother giving birth. Indeed true if you’re pregnant you are sharing a life to that little being in your womb.

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“The Global Teacher”

“The Global Teacher” is the last topic we have for Social Dimension of Education and the Teaching Profession. I actually have waited for this topic to be discussed inside the class because I was so curious what a global teacher is and how to be one. Do I need to go abroad study and earn experiences there for me to become one? Do I need to attend to international conferences for teachers to be at par with other educators around the globe? Do I need to be very conversant and eloquent? Do I need to learn and teach English first, known to be the “universal language” so I can be called global teacher or be multi – lingual who knows not just two or three languages but many languages so I can be tagged as one? Do I need to know every details of every nation so I can be considered global teacher?
It seems like global teacher is synonymous or parallel to being “world – class”. How then can we become world class? Talking about being “world class”, something is “world class” if it is of “high quality”. So world class teachers then are those “graded A+” teachers. But who are they”?
I would just like to ponder on this quotation from Conrado de Quiros. He said “Being world class does not mean going internationally and showing our best out there. Being world class is passion and commitment to our profession; being world class is giving our best to teaching. Being world class starts right inside the class room (Bilbao 2006). This one for me is very striking. It’s a “wow”! I absolutely agree with him. If that is a “facebook” status I will definitely click “yes” and share it. It is a “twit” on twitter I’ll definitely follow it. I strongly support his statement. You don’t need to go out of the country for you to become globally competitive. Just do your part not just those things expected from you and you’ll be world class. Just put the title “teacher” in your heart not in your head and I believe you’ll be the best teacher anyone could ever have.
This is actually how I regard my teachers “globally competitive and world class teachers”. But none of them have gone abroad especially with my teachers in elementary. If you’ll meet them you will really have an impression that they are nothing but typical barrio teachers who know nothing but the traditional way of providing instructions who won’t even dare venturing to what is “in” for this generation. You will think that they don’t even know what a computer and a projector is. They don’t even know how to create a power point presentation and still stocked to the chalk and board or Manila paper style. They don’t even know what a “facebook, YouTube or twitter” is. They don’t even know the meaning of YGM, GTG NASL and the like and cannot even relate to the language of this era. But those things can’t make them of lesser quality.
When I was in elementary I had some teachers whose ages are ranging from 50 – 60 years old. Actually our adviser in grade 2 was on her last year in service when she handled us and what amazed me was that though she’s on her last year she still made the most out of it. She had the greatest influence in my life as a student. She was the one who encourage me to learn how to write using my right hand instead of the left. Despite of her age she still managed to actively participate in every school activities. She never failed to attend to every seminars intended for them. She always had that joy and that very passion to teach and share whatever knowledge she earns and same with our teachers in grade 4 and in grade 6 who were also candidates for retirement the time they handled us. There’s no such thing as “age gap” for them. Whenever we talk to them especially to our grade 6 adviser she always stoop down to our level and tries to understand us. She’s our teacher and a mother inside the class and also a best buddy outside, someone who laughs with us, plays with us and even shares funny and amazing stories to us as if we’re her very close pals. With that she earned our love and respect. But what I would like to highlight is that though they’re already in their twilight years they still think of how to relate to us, how to catch up with us and how to understand us. They’re very flexible and willing to go the way just to reach out to us. Imagine a 50 – 60 year old adult being with a 6 – 12 year old kid but still no barrier that’s how flexible our teachers in elementary are considering that they’re also my father’s teachers when he’s of same age as me. They have handled generations of students already but still manage to be “in” with their students.
I also remember my teacher in high school. I have one I particular though he’s very busy with other commitments inside the school still he always sees to it that we are learning. He always reiterates the value of education. He is still new that time but you can feel the passion in him to reach out to his students, doing every gimmick making things possible for us to enjoy learning. When I was in college one thing I cannot forget are our professors who always enter our classroom bare handed but they know what they are saying and even up to date to what’s the headline in the newspaper or in the television. Though they are experienced teachers already but still they study and continually learn from their students as well. Age is really not the issue. It’s more of willingness. You cannot use your age as an alibi for you not to be “in” and be globally competitive.
My teachers might not have the chance to go abroad but for me they’re not just simple barrio teachers but a globally competitive, world class and one of a kind teacher that I will never ever forget.
The topic about “global teachers” had been discussed last October 12, when class was almost cancelled due to terrible weather condition. Things like these are unpredictable and it can happen anytime. I just want to commend those students and teachers who took time to come to school despite the situation. I admire their determination and dedication. Who would have dared to take risk, passed by the flood, bit the traffic, and be stranded for a minute or an hour at the bus terminal? Just thinking out loud, these are some of the qualities a real teacher should possess, “dedicated and determined”. You have to have the “whatever happens and whatever it takes” attitude. Dare to go the way no matter how hard and complicated the situation is and because there were teachers and students who dared to come to school on that day we were able to discuss what a global teacher is, how to be one and some subtopics related to it.
I was just moved by the statement of one of the reporters for Module 6, while discussing the different educational philosophies. She said “How can we equip our students if we are not fully equipped”. I have heard this many times and even pondered on it for a million times. She’s absolutely correct because you cannot give what you do not have. But my take on that is how can we be equipped if we are not willing, determined and dedicated to be equipped?
I have met and encountered people who are very resistant to change. They don’t want it. They try to avoid it and hide from it not wanting to face and embrace it. I am sometimes like those people. I hate changes and I always had a hard time coping up. I always want to stay at my comfort zone not wanting to move out but I realized that once you became a teacher again you should be very willing to go the way not only for yourself but also for your students. Before taking the vow to be a teacher you have to study and check your heart first and review your motives ask yourself not just once twice or thrice but a hundred times if you are really willing to dedicate and commit yourself to this calling. You should not be motivated by anything else but the passion to pass on the baton to the next generation, to touch someone else’s life and to make a difference.
As the saying goes “Teaching is the noblest profession”. I did not take that seriously before cause how come that it’s the noblest? What they do is just a simple job, much simpler than those at the Armed Forces whose life is always at risk same thing with those at the media, our political leaders and other public servants. So what makes teaching then the noblest profession”? What makes it different from other profession? For me, anyone can be a teacher; anyone can be noble as long as you have the power to touch other’s life as long as you share whatever knowledge and experience you have to someone then you are teacher. I’m not a teacher by profession but a “teacher by heart” because I have someone whom I call my dear students whom I love and cared for.
When I was a kid I thought the earth is very huge and it will be very impossible for me to reach its tip. The only place I know is our small barrio and I’m not even familiar with each of its corner. When I went to high school it became a bit bigger. The barrio size view became a town size view and when I attended college it elevated to a province size view until I finish my schooling and work in a different place, discovered other sides of this small world then I realize the earth is not as big as I thought. I concluded that this planet we are living is just part of a much bigger universe and that universe that we just seem to marvel at before is even very possible to reach out now. Why am I saying this? In relation to our topic “global teacher” anyone can be globally competitive. Anyone but it’s already up to you. I you are courageous and bold enough to reach out to every corners of this globe in every way then you can be one just reach out you don’t need to go out.
The earth even became much smaller because of the new technologies we have that had become so viral and had already penetrated to every sides and corners of this small world. This generation is very blessed for having these modern technologies. I remember before whenever I write a letter to my father who is working abroad it will take how many weeks for him to receive it and once he replied it will take another few weeks for us to receive it. If we want to talk to him we still need to go to the city to call him via telephone but now it’s just very easy and simple to communicate with him. Now he’s just a text or a call away. Now post office is becoming obsolete, because people no longer send snail mail instead they do electronic mail. Social networking sites also are now very active and becoming so rampant. It’s like a virus that has already spread around the globe. Everyone is using it and everybody is into it. Before you can only see your previous classmates / colleagues during reunion but now you can see them every now and then online and always even updated with their status.
As everything is growing, improving and becoming modern we teachers should also dare to go the way to keep at par with everything. Part of being a passionate, determined and dedicated teacher is having whatever happens and whatever it takes attitude. Teachers should be quick not slow and should be creative and flexible enough. Yes you are passionate, you love and care for your students I am not saying that is not enough but it’s also a plus point which is very necessary for you to embrace the resources that this modern world is offering. Though embracing these things doesn’t necessarily mean forgetting the traditional way and just go with the flow. Leave those not so helpful techniques and styles behind and retain those things which are still essential.
Students of this era are now very advanced. Everything is very accessible, every information they need is just a click away from them but that doesn’t necessarily mean they no longer need teachers, the more that they need us, the more that they need guidance because not all information they can see online is helpful and beneficial to them. But how can we guide them if we know nothing about the things they are into? That’s why we need to go the way and be at par with them as well. In order for teachers to understand and help their students they also should be knowledgeable enough with the technology of this modern world.
Everything is becoming complex, therefore we need to be ready and be fully equipped. Bilbao (2006) said, “Becoming a globally competitive teacher means we should be equipped with a wider range of knowledge of the various educational systems outside the country; master skills and competencies which can address global demands; and possess attitudes and values that are acceptable to multi –cultural communities.
Again as future teachers we should not only aim for “just enough”. Our goal should not just be to become average. If you are passionate enough then your goal should be to be the best teacher to your students, to become a genuine teacher who can give inspiration and can make an impact to the next generation. The key is “willingness, determination and dedication”. If you have all of this “kudos” you are a one of a kind, world class, globally competitive teacher!

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The Teacher as a Person in the Society

What is a teacher? Why do we need a teacher? Can the earth still revolve without one?  The 1st reporter of module 4 threw a warm up question to the class before she started her discussion. She asked how we see teachers. Some of my classmates said “terror”, some commented “monster”, some mentioned “CCT (class copy this), CRT (class read this) teacher” some even whispered “tindera” (vendor). I heard a lot of negative definitions. I stop for a while and think. I just have a silent comment. If that’s how my classmates view teachers how come then that they’re in this class? Why take this course, plan to take the licensure examination and teach someday? Would they like to be one? But anyway I know that this is only for the sake of discussion because I know in my heart that they are also like me wanting to be a “good teacher” someday. More than just the title is the desire to make a difference in the lives of their students. Though we cannot really deny the fact that some go for this title for the title alone and to add the material / tangible benefits they can get from it. I remember one of my classmates even mentioned before that “if the salary is good then the service will also be good”. I was really astonished that time and wanting to voice out my piece but I did not get a chance and I was also shy because he is more superior. I just silently asked “what if it’s not? Does that mean that he will no longer exert extra effort to provide an excellent service to his students? I understand that while motivating the students teachers have to be motivated as well. But is money the only motivation? I’m not idealistic. I strongly agree that we really need money to survive; we need a higher salary to provide for our family. But it should not be our goal. I still believe that higher salary and promotion will follow if you will go beyond miles and exert effort to provide the best service to your students. Once you become a teacher your goal should be to touch the lives of your students and to make a difference. Your goal should be to raise someone better and greater than you. If you’ll be able to do that then that means you are an effective and an extraordinary teacher. Remember that if we don’t have Socrates then there will be no Plato if there’s no Plato then there will be no Aristotle. Great people in the history are products of good teachers; it can be their parents alone or someone.


I myself have encountered different types of teachers. Some of them are ill – tempered but some are nice, some are strict some are very lenient, some are very formal, some always smiles, some are snobbish but still some are approachable, some are not that smart as I expected, some are Einstein, some are tough hearted but some are really kind, some are Hitler some are Mother Theresa. They have different personalities but all of them will always be remembered and never will I forget because they are already a part of me. Somehow they have contributed something to my being. I won’t be where I am now if not somehow because of them. They are our parent’s partner in molding and training us.


I can still remember my first day in school. I think I was 4 years old that time. I was very afraid to enter the class room, not because of my teacher; it’s just that I want my parents to be with me inside the classroom. I was able to complete my 1st quarter in school I guess but I stop during the second quarter because my father got busy with his work and my mother was pregnant. They can no longer be with me in the class. But I can still remember how nice our teacher was but it was not an enough motivation for someone like me who was still very dependent to her parents to go back to school. I may not remember her name and face anymore but I can still remember her kindness and sweetness to us. The following year I was again encouraged by my parents to go to school. I was 5 years old and was the youngest in the class. I had classmates who were bullies but I’m thankful that we had a teacher who was fair and understanding.

I was also 5 years old when I started dreaming of becoming a teacher. I find it very great and very noble. I always play the role of a teacher whenever I am with my siblings. Being the eldest I always find authority over them. They always see me not just a very strict and perfectionist older sister but a teacher too. Whenever we play I’m always the teacher and whenever we’re having a class I always want them to ask questions. That way I can be assured that they are really listening and when I talk I want everybody to keep their mouth shut and listen. I was 5 when I displayed that quality of toughness.

When I was in grade 1 our teacher was very strict and I think exactly the same as me. I just found favor in her eyes because she’s nice to me I’m not her favorite though. Probably she’s nice to me because she knows that I’m going through tough times that time when our mother left us.

If there are teachers that I will never forget when I was in elementary probably those are the extreme teachers the best and the worst. Let me just mention the teacher whom I owe my extraordinary talent of using my both hands in writing. For some it’s just an ordinary skill but for me it’s not because someone I admire is behind it. If not because of her then I’m stocked to my left hand. I was born left handed but when I was in grade 2 my adviser told me that I cannot go to high school if I will not learn how to write using my right hand and because I was very obedient and convinced and I really want to finish my schooling I really did practice until I learn to use my right hand in writing. When I was in grade 3 that was just the time that I learned that I can still go to high school even if I am left handed but I was not frustrated instead I was so thankful.

When I was in grade 5, I was the representative of our school to Science Quiz bee. I’m not a science wizard though. I did not win the contest and it’s just so sad to disappoint my teachers. My classmates even tagged me as a loser. My grade 5 adviser really was very obvious of letting me feel that she no longer believes in my capability. So I lost my self confidence too.

When I was in grade 6, teachers end up choosing me again as a representative of our school to the oratorical contest during our English festival. They just don’t have a choice. I joined just for the sake of joining just for our school to have a representative. I went to the contest not thinking of bringing home the bacon but I was so shocked when I was announced the winner. I cried.  My grade 6 teacher and at the same time my coach was very proud of me and I was overjoyed but what made me much happier was when our grade 5 teacher came near me and said “Congratulations! You made it!” With just that very simple gesture of the toughest and most hated teacher during our elementary years I regained my “morale”. Those were the highlights of my elementary years meeting a very strict and ill tempered teacher, a very passionate one and a teacher who you will think “heartless” but you’ll be amazed to know that it’s just her facade, deep within her is a golden heart.

I will never forget also our “Araling Panlipunan 1” teacher when we were in high school. She is same as my grade 5 teacher who doesn’t know how to smile and what so funny is that they have a resemblance. I thought she is very strict and “heartless” too but she’s not. We were having our class that time and were discussing about the role of a parents in our lives when one of my classmates stood up and said “parents are not important that we can still be successful even without them” I’m very sensitive when it comes to that topic so I also stood up and argue. The next scene was we’re already having a debate. After supporting my claims that “whatever happens parents still play a very important role in our being”, I cried and the whole class and our teacher empathize with me. I didn’t mean to cry though. That was the time that our teacher said “report to the faculty room after your class”. I found a mother in her. I have had a lot of nice teachers in high school who are really “motherly figure” but still I’ll never forget that teacher. She is different. If you’ll be a teacher, be ready to be a parent to your students, be very flexible to be someone that they need. If they need a friend, a parent, a coach, a motivator an encourager, someone who has to remind them of what is right and what is wrong or even a clown then be one because its part of being a teacher though it’s not written in your job description.

When I was in college I thought it will be a different thing. I thought I will never have such teachers that I have when I was in elementary and high school but of course I was wrong.  I remember our professor and at the same time our department chairman when she said, “pag nasa hagdan ako kahit banggain ako I will still keep right” (“Whenever I’m in the stairs even if they will bump with me I’ll still keep right”) and never will I forget that very simple words of wisdom from her and started applying it beginning that day. She reiterated that “if you’re doing the right thing then nothing to worry about even if you’re the only man standing fight for what is right”. She might not know that I’m quoting her right now but that’s how great her impact in my life is.

When I was in college I remember I also had the chance to be a “teacher” to children in the barrio and handled “bible study” during weekends. It was a joy seeing those kids learning the word of God.

I did not become a teacher when I finish college because I did not take up Education though that was my 1st love. I took up Political Science and follow a different path because of the encouragement of people around me especially my friends and my family. I was not force to take that course. It was actually a choice. I was encouraged by my family and friends and eventually learned to embrace it. I thought I’ll be an effective lawyer someday. But I had a second thought before entering the college of law and that was the time that a friend told me “you are not a lawyer because you can’t lie, you are a teacher because you have a very soft heart”. With just that I made up my mind finalize my plan instead of entering college of law this year I went to the college of education to pursue that dream that has long been forgotten. That’s why I am here right now. As the saying goes “first love never dies”.

I am not yet a licensed teacher but God has been so good to me for giving me a chance to touch people’s lives in my own simple way. I’m enjoying the title “teacher” every Sunday whenever I’m with those kids in our church. They are so sweet and so nice. I enjoy seeing them grow in the Lord. It was 2008 when I volunteered as a “Sunday school teacher” and that was roughly 5 years ago and those kids who were only 11 or 12 years old that time are now teenagers and are now also making an impact to other kids.

Aside from being a Sunday school teacher I also tutor and have handled Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian, Arab and Filipinos. Getting to know them and their culture is an amazing experience to add that extraordinary fulfillment of seeing them learning and improving because of you and their passion to learn.

Students always have a high regard to their teachers so they need to be very careful with their actions and words. We mock our grade 5 teacher before because for us she is worst because what we’ve seen is only her other side but when I got to know her I learned that she is a teacher with a heart of gold. Wherever a teacher goes whatever he / she does she should display the best in him / her and should always be a role model. If you don’t want to be called “monster, Ms. Tapia, tindera, Hitler and the like” then do not be one.

Teaching is my passion and at the same time my first love. It has been forgotten as time passes my but here I am now willing to be engaged, established, equipped and be empowered and hoping to be with that dream again and this time determined to marry it. I believe this is really my calling. God has been calling me to be in this profession ever since. He did not stop calling me until responded.

If I’ll be a teacher I want to be sold out to this mission. I’ll be as passionate as the teachers I’ve met or even more than passionate. I’ll love my students and do whatever I can to take good care and teach them.


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